Fulbright Faculty Resources

Faculty, administrators, and professionals can receive individual consultation, including reading and commenting on written drafts, throughout the year. For more information, contact the MSU Fulbright Program Adviser.



Roger Bresnahan
Fulbright Program Adviser
International Center
427 N. Shaw Lane
Room 201-A
East Lansing MI 48824
Email: bresnaha(at)msu.edu
Tel: (517) 432-8244
Fax: (517) 353-7254

Available Faculty Resources

The Traditional Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program

The original Fulbright program for faculty and professionals from the U.S. to travel overseas and lecture, conduct research or participate in seminars. Some Fulbright Awards close on a rolling timeframe, so please search online for information on available awards for a particular competition. You can search by country, region or discipline. 

Fulbright-Hays Faculty Research Abroad Fellowship

This program is for faculty members to conduct research abroad in foreign language or area studies, to improve their knowledge of the culture of the people of an area. Fellowships in this category are not awarded for Western Europe.

The project director serves as the only point of contact between the MSU faculty members and the U.S. Dept. of Education and is registered in the U.S. Dept. of Education's e-Application system

Fulbright International Education Administrators Program

In this program, seminars of two to three weeks are designed to introduce participants to the society, culture and higher education systems of foreign countries such as Germany, India, Japan and Korea. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, and should watch for deadline announcements which are different for each country.

Fulbright Specialist Program 

Successful applicants will be placed on a roster of specialists for two years. As need arises, they will be invited to engage in short-term collaborative projects that meet the needs of foreign partner institutions. Applications are accepted throughout the year. 

Fulbright Distinguished Chairs Program 

Awards in the Fulbright Distinguished Chairs Program are viewed as among the most prestigious appointments in the Fulbright Scholar Program. Candidates should be eminent scholars and have a significant publication and teaching record.

Fulbright NEXUS Regional Scholar Program

The Fulbright Regional Network for Applied Research (NEXUS) Program will bring together a network of junior scholars, professionals and mid-career applied researchers from the United States and other Western Hemisphere nations for a series of three seminar meetings and a Fulbright exchange experience. This program replaces the Fulbright New Century Scholars program that ran from 2001 through 2009.

Visiting Fulbright Scholars Program

Each year, 800 faculty and professionals in this program come to the U.S. for advanced research and university lecturing for programs between 3 and six months. Applications are accepted from more than 150 countries participating in these programs through the U.S. Embassy or Fulbright Commission in their respective countries. U.S. institutions may encourage visiting scholars to apply for a particular program and provide them with letters of invitation to submit with their applications.

Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Program

Visiting scholars from abroad are funded to lecture at U.S. colleges and universities for this program, running either one semester or one academic year. Applications are submitted by U.S. institutions, and they may propose suitable candidates.