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The Land is Full: Addressing Israel's Population Challenge
Friday, 15 Sep 2017
10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
B-342 Wells Hall
Asian Studies Center
Event Details:

Serling Visiting Israeli Scholar Alon Tal will speak about one of Israel's current environmental challenges: overpopulation. His presentation considers the ramifications of this extraordinary demographic growth: from burgeoning pollution and dwindling natural resources to overcrowded classrooms, courtrooms, and roads. Based on extensive fieldwork, including interviews with dozens of experts and individuals from all sectors of Israeli society, this talk examines the origins of Israeli's population policies and describes how they must change to support a sustainable future. 

Dr. Alon Tal is Chair of the Public Policy Department at Tel Aviv University, and founded the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, a graduate studies center in which students join Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian environmentalists to study common environmental challenges and solutions. He received a Ph.D. in Environmental Health Policy from Harvard University, and is the author of five books. He recently finished The Land is Full: Addressing Overpopulation in Israel (Yale University Press, 2016).