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AAP Hosts Higher Education Forum in Dakar

Published: Thursday, 01 Mar 2018
Author: Rachel Warner
Department: Office of the Dean

Scholars, government, and the public at large have increasingly recognized higher education as an essential element for any society to address today's global challenges. However, key questions remain: Are higher education institutions and the higher education sector overall currently structured in such a way to most effectively meet this expectation? How might international partnerships contribute to institutions—on both sides of the partnership—in achieving this goal?

To help find answers to those questions, the Alliance for African Partnership, in collaboration with University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar, organized a panel discussion in Dakar, Senegal, on February 27, titled The Transformation of African Higher Education Institutions: The Role of International Partnerships. The event supported the AAP's pillar of transforming institutions, which focuses on promoting sustainable and effective partnerships that enhance institutional resources and increase institutional capacity, including higher education institutions, to do the work necessary to transform lives and livelihoods, both in Africa and globally.

The panel provided a learning opportunity and engagement between African leadership and scholars and the AAP to co-create priorities for African higher education that will contribute to shaping AAP's future activities in the area of transforming institutions.The forum brought together key leaders of institutions in Africa and MSU who are doing innovative work in the field of transforming African higher education to share ideas, address key topical areas and discuss future trajectories in this area. The panel discussion included an overview presentation on Higher Education in Senegal: Challenges and Reforms by Professor Ibrahima Thioub, Rector of UCAD. This was followed by responses from the other panelists on the role that diaspora partnerships, South-South Partnerships, partnerships in the humanities and African cultural heritage as well as private sector engagement have on transforming African Higher Education.