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Dean's Remarks


Steven D. Hanson
Associate Provost and Dean

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Building Beyond Tomorrow: 
MSU in the World

The world around us is changing rapidly. For every scientific and technological innovation that lifts the human spirit, there are other developments that test our humanity. In the face of these grand challenges, our response is focus on the positives while persistently working to address the challenges and where possible turn them into opportunities—not just for the university, but for the world.

How do we do that? By focusing on our world grant values—humility and hard work; seeking knowledge and solutions in collaboration with world-class faculty; a diverse community that includes peoples of all races and nationalities including thousands of international students and visiting scholars; and establishing relationships and partnerships around the globe.

These values inform our approach and our work in the world around us. Our faculty, in collaboration with our international partners, are working on innovative solutions to solve today's biggest problems. We are constantly looking to develop transdisciplinary solutions that will have lasting impacts and adaptability in this ever-changing and increasingly complex world.

Our global engagement is about looking beyond tomorrow. We are taking on today's big challenges with an eye on the future—focusing on building a world of sustainable, resilient communities that will thrive in the years and decades to come. I invite you to stay engaged with ISP and join us in building programs and initiatives that are helping us make an impact today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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