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Since 1999, International Studies and Programs has hosted Global Focus, an annual international photography competition for MSU students, faculty, staff and alumni.  In 2020, the world is more interconnected than it has ever been, making MSU’s international engagement all the more vital. The Global Focus contest highlights the varied experiences of Spartans all over the world—those who have traveled both to and from East Lansing—learning from each other, creating lasting relationships and building knowledge together. Sharing our international experiences benefits everyone, opening hearts and minds and strengthening our global community.

Every fall, hundreds of entries are received and evaluated by a panel of jurors made up of MSU faculty, staff, students, alumni and professional photographers. Global Focus recognizes amateur Spartan photographers who have captured outstanding photos around the world—winners are chosen from each category and displayed in the International Center on MSU’s campus and on social media.

New in 2020

This year, we’re thrilled to expand the Global Focus Photo Contest by introducing the following entry categories:

Global Spartan Pride

Submissions in this category will illustrate the many ways Global Spartans demonstrate their own Spartan pride or reflect the concept of Spartan pride around the world.

Global Spartans at Work

Submissions in this category will capture the many ways and places Global Spartans work—from the field, to the classroom, to the community.

Global Spartan Perspectives

For our returning Global Focus entrants, this category reflects the traditional competition you’re familiar with! Submissions in this category don’t neatly fit into the above categories—instead, this category is open to individual creativity and a chance to show the Global Spartan community glimpses into every corner of our shared world.

Global Spartan Resilience 

Submissions in this category will tell the story of what it means to be a Global Spartan in the time of COVID-19. How have you had to be resilient during the pandemic? How as the resilience of others inspired you? Show us in a photo in this new digital-only category, which will change annually to reflect common global experiences. (U.S.-based photos permitted; must have Global Spartan relevance.)

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