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Global DEI Task Force

Michigan State University is a global community of students, faculty, staff, and partners from all around the world with a long-term commitment to international engagement. As a top 100 global university committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, MSU prioritizes collaboration across campus to ensure that all members of our community feel welcome, safe and supported.

About the Task Force

Charged by Steven Hanson, associate provost and dean for International Studies and Programs, the Global DEI Task Force will develop resources that reinforce inclusive practices in a global context. The aim is to ensure that procedures, policies, practices, and programs are in place to support an educational, equitable, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all with a specific lens on nuances related to internationalization.

This university-wide task force includes representatives from key administrative offices and faculty with expertise in global engagement and intercultural competence. The committee is initially charged with assessing the needs and issues during summer 2021. Following this, sub-committees with applicable expertise will be appointed to work with the larger task force to address opportunities for expansion and enhancement.

Examples of potential outcomes include creating educational materials, providing training modules, recommending and instituting policy changes, and developing guidelines for the use of appropriate images and language in communication strategies. Additionally, attention should be given to topics such as reinforcing MSU's values on international engagement; reflecting the varied experiences of Global Spartans; enhancing campus climate for international students, faculty and staff; increased international and domestic student interaction; integrating international more prominently into the curriculum; expanding innovative flexible learning models; and other key issues around global equity and inclusion that we need to take into account. The findings and recommendations of the task force will be relevant for broader conversations on ways to more closely integrate DEI initiatives and internationalization efforts.


  • Chair: Ashley Green
    Assistant Dean for Administration and Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, International Studies and Programs
  • Tina Alonzo
    Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Infrastructure Planning & Facilities
  • Stefanie Baier
    Curriculum Development Director, Graduate School
  • Opal Leeman Bartzis
    Executive Director, Office for Education Abroad
  • Anjam Chaudhary
    DEI Programs Coordinator, International Studies and Programs
  • Maggie Chen-Hernandez
    Associate Director, Office of Cultural & Academic Transitions
  • Salah D. Hassan
    Director of Global Studies in the Arts & Humanities and Associate Professor, Department of English
  • Jamie Hutchinson
    Deputy Director, WorkLife Office
  • Beth Judge
    Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education
  • Melanie Kauffman
    Senior Communications Manager, Office of Research and Innovation
  • Mohammad Khalil
    Director, Muslim Studies Program and Professor of Religious Studies
  • Meaghan Kozar
    Interim Project Manager for Inclusive Campus (REHS and SAS); Coordinator, Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions
  • Krista McCallum Beatty
    Director, Office for International Students and Scholars
  • Henry Mochida
    DEI Communications Manager, University Communications
  • Jamie Monson
    Director, African Studies Center and Professor of History
  • Folashade (Sade) Omoniyi
    Chief Diversity Officer, International Students Association
  • Hima Rawal
    Doctoral Candidate, Second Language Studies
  • Alex Smith
    Assistant Director of International Admissions
  • Daniel Spadafore
    Chief of Staff, Broad College of Business
  • Carrie Symons
    Assistant Professor, Teacher Education
  • Judy Walgren
    Associate Director and Professor of Practice, School of Journalism
  • Jennifer Wargo
    Deputy Director, Office of China Programs, Asia Nexus Coordinator and Asian Studies Center
  • Rachel Warner
    Director of Communications, International Studies and Programs

*Representation from Academic Colleges will be added on applicable sub-committees
*The Task Force will select an international postdoc, graduate student, and undergraduate student to participate.