Global Focus: 2019 Winners

2019 Global Focus Winners

Congratulations to this year's Global Focus international photography competition winners! Thank you to those who voted in the People's Choice category, and thank you to all of the participants for sharing your international experiences.


First Place: Jiawei Li
"Qiao's Grand Courtyard"
China, 2019

Third Place: Boitshoko Molefhi
"African Magic"
Botswana, 2018


Second Place: Haoran Liu
"Mountain City"
Mexico, 2017

People's Choice: Oyemolade Osibodu
"Ukushona Kwelanga"
South Africa, 2019





First Place: Mark Wilson
"Infinite Light"
Japan, 2019

Third Place: Lewis Cardenas
"In the Eye of the Beholder"
Turkey, 2019


Second Place: Daniel Trego
"Vamos con Todo"
Mexico, 2018

People's Choice: Dalen Agnew
"Young and Old"
Myanmar, 2019





First Place: Sarah B. Hodge
Japan, 2018

Third Place: John Karagoulis
"Preparing a Snack"
China, 2019


Second Place: Eeda Wallbank
"Sprinting Toward the Past"
Thailand, 2019

People's Choice: Constance Wolfe
"Reflecting in Nishinonaru"
Japan, 2019