Office for International Research Collaboration

The Office of International Research Collaboration (OIRC) works collaboratively with faculty across campus to assist in developing large, multi-disciplinary, multi-college research proposals for external funding that focus on college and university international research priorities. 


Office of International Research Collaboration
Michigan State University 
International Center 
427 N Shaw Lane, Room 4
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 884-2987 
Fax: (517) 353-8765 

Karin Dillon
Finance and Proposal Administrator
(517) 884-7919

Matt Maillard
Office Assistant
(517) 884-0947

Skye McDonald
Proposal Coordinator
(517) 432-9184

Callista Rakhmatov, Ph.D.
Proposal Coordinator;
NSF Proposal Point of Contact
(517) 432-7090


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International Research at MSU

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OIRC uses its knowledge of Michigan State University's faculty and international involvement to advance MSU's international/global research strengths.

The Office helps assemble and support transdisciplinary research teams to address international and global problems. This assistance allows research teams to effectively and quickly respond to viable and important international research opportunities.

OIRC services are designed to bridge institutional research facilitation gaps by combining the university's international research capacity with its vast network of collaborators throughout the world. OIRC services are without cost to faculty or departments and range from comprehensive management of proposal production to budgeting and review services.

Proposal Coordination

  • Provide comprehensive management of proposal process
  • Prepare and track calendars, task lists, and agendas
  • Ensure proposal meets solicitation requirements and deadlines
  • Share sample proposals and related documents
  • Edit and format proposal
  • Write capability statements highlighting MSU’s and PI’s expertise
  • Provide templates and examples
  • Summarize and interpret solicitation
  • Troubleshoot questions

Budget and Contract Services

  • Create proposal budgets and budget narratives
  • Liaise with the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) for budget approval
  • Complete and route MSU e-transmittal
  • Collect and complete certifications and personnel documents
  • Liaise with sub-contractors and prepare sub documents
  • Submit proposals to donors (for example, through


  • Facilitate collaborations with other MSU faculty
  • Link MSU faculty with potential external partners including other universities, development firms, and strategic partners abroad

Market Intelligence

  • Assist faculty in identifying funding
  • Send weekly email updates with funding opportunities
  • Conduct market research on donors, awardees, and funding trends
  • Evaluate MSU’s competitiveness on opportunities