Communications Brief: 150 Years of International Spartans

Note: this page is intended for internal MSU audiences responsible for communications and events related to the celebration. Please do not distribute widely. 

colorful banner reading celebrating 150 years of international Spartans, integrating an icon of Beaumont tower and a globe centered on Asia and Oceania

About the Celebration

About the Celebration

Michigan State University (then State Agricultural College) first welcomed international students to campus in 1873, just 18 years after the institution was founded. Since then, tens of thousands of international students and scholars from all over the world have attended MSU, enriching our community with their diverse perspectives, talents, cultures and experiences. As we mark the 150th anniversary of MSU’s first international students, we want to honor all international Spartans—past and present—who have helped make MSU the highly-ranked, globally engaged institution it is today. 

MSU will be celebrating this incredible anniversary throughout the 2023-2024 academic year in a wide variety of ways, from special events to storytelling to academic programming. Since international students, scholars and alumni are integrated into every aspect of the university, we encourage all colleges and units to get involved in ways that best reflect the ways international Spartans interact with and impact your area. 


  • Celebrate MSU’s long legacy as a home for students and scholars from around the world 
  • Raise awareness of MSU’s international Spartans and their importance to the university and community at large
  • Help international Spartans feel seen and welcomed in the MSU community
  • Reinforce MSU’s position as a desirable destination for international students to pursue their education
  • Engage with international alumni and encourage their continued involvement with MSU
  • Highlight ways for donors to support international students

Get Involved

Get Involved

Throughout the year, International Studies and Programs, the Office for International Students and Scholars and the International Students Association will be creating content and hosting several signature events, but this anniversary is a university-wide celebration and we encourage everyone to get involved! Host a special event, share the stories of your international students and alumni, or simply amplify content related to the celebration and acknowledge the anniversary in your regular communications. 

Social Media

  • International Students Association
    Facebook @InternationalSpartans • Instagram @msu_isa • Twitter/X @MSU_ISA

  • Office for International Students and Scholars
    Facebook @oissmsu • Instagram @msuoiss • Twitter/X @oiss

  • International Studies and Programs
    Facebook @msuisp • Instagram @msuintl • Twitter/X @msuintl

  • Hashtags: #InternationalSpartans (please also use #GlobalSpartans as appropriate.)

Submit an Event

If you are hosting an event, please let us know so we can add to our calendar and share!

Messaging and Visual Guidelines

Messaging and Visual Guidelines

As you develop communications to acknowledge this important university milestone, we encourage you to seek diverse representation of international Spartans in your units—from different home countries and cultures to various majors and co-curricular experiences. The language you use should be celebratory, inclusive and emphasize the many important contributions of international Spartans in your area. Please refer to MSU’s Inclusive Language Guide for best practices.

Note: “International Spartans” refers specifically to those who join MSU from outside of the U.S. The term is inclusive of a wide variety of MSU affiliations, including enrolled students and degreed alumni as well as visiting scholars, participants in non-degree programs, faculty and staff. 

“Global Spartans” an umbrella term that refers to any Spartan who pursues and embraces a global mindset, from seeking global learning opportunities to engaging with international communities to examining their work and study in a global context. 

Graphic Assets

Several graphics have been created for various uses throughout the celebration. The artwork centers on a “150” with versions that incorporate different MSU icons and several views of a globe to represent the various home regions for international Spartans. 

View and download graphics in this shared Google Drive folder. (You must be logged into your MSU Google account to access.)

Example graphics:

Banner graphic reading Celebrating 150 Years of International Spartans, integrating an MSU lantern icon and globe featuring a view on Africa and Europe

colorful badge reading Celebrating 150 years of international spartans, integrating a Beaumont Tower icon and a globe view centered on Asia and Oceaniacolorful block artwork reading Celebrating 150 years of international spartans, integrating a Spartan Statue icon and a globe view centered on the Americas

Additional Assets

Additional assets such as a fact sheet, infographics, social media templates, etc. will be added to this page as they are developed. If there is something specific you need, email ispcomms(at)

Key Dates

Key Dates

Aug. 28 Fall classes begin
Sept. 21 Homecoming Parade
(International Students Association will lead participation to commemorate 150th anniversary)
Sept. 22 International Spartans and Friends Homecoming Tailgate
Nov. 10 150 Years of International Spartans Anniversary Gala
(Invitation only)
Nov. 11-18 International Education Week
Nov. 11 Global Festival

International Spartans MSU @ OSU Football Game Watch Party
Dec. 15-16 Fall Commencement
Jan. 8 Spring classes begin
Apr. 24 International Awards Ceremony
Apr. 26-28 Spring Commencement


  • General inquiries: ispcomms(at) 
  • Celebration Committee Lead: Ashley Green, agreen(at)
  • Communications: Rachel Warner, rawarner(at)