Special Foreign Travel Fund

The Special Foreign Travel Fund is for MSU faculty presentations and keynote addresses at international meetings, and exhibitions and concerts in major halls outside of the United States.

Guidelines for Application

Meant to be a source of funds to help faculty attend professional meetings and congresses outside the United States, this grant fund is to supplement departmental, college and/or other grant funds available to faculty through other sources.

Applications are reviewed three times each year as follows:

  • February 1 deadline: for meetings held March through August
  • June 1 deadline: for meetings held July through December
  • October 1 deadline: for meetings held November through April

If you think it is possible that your paper will be accepted after the SFTF deadline, please submit your application without the letter of acceptance by the appropriate deadline. Your application may be approved contingent upon your receiving the acceptance letter soon after the deadline. By the appropriate deadline, submit the application to, Office of the Dean, International Studies and Programs, 207 International Center:

  • Completed application with signatures of dean and chair (please plan to seek their approval at least two weeks in advance of the deadline).
  • Invitation to conference and/or letter accepting your paper for presentation at the conference/congress indicating the type and level of your participation
  • The original and one copy of the application and all attachments


Fill out a Travel Authorization/Voucher form (available from your department or college):

  • Fill in information on all accounts from which you are receiving money, and limits, if applicable.
  • Obtain appropriate signatures from your department.
  • Forward to Ryan Thelen, International Studies and Programs, 209 International Center, and we will fill in the SFTF dollar amount and sign the form. The Travel Authorization will be returned to you.

If you do not use the funds for this specific trip you will need to reapply for future funds-the funds are not automatically carried forward.

Please note that we cannot allow you to direct bill SFTF awards to our SFTF account. If you wish to direct bill, you must use college, departmental or grant accounts. You then will be able to JVE the SFTF award to the SFTF account after the travel voucher is processed.

Please read MSU's travel regulations before purchasing tickets. All travel reimbursement vouchers for international air tickets must be accompanied by an invoice from the travel agency showing the amount actually paid for the ticket.

When you return from your trip, your completed travel voucher (with appropriate travel receipts) must be submitted with your STFT trip report attached. This helps us account for the use of Special Foreign Travel Funds and to obtain additional funds. Travel vouchers will not be processed until this report is received by ISP.