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Anne Rhee - Business Law, Ethics and Sustainability in Greece

Published: Wednesday, 29 Nov 2017
Author: Cheryl Ann Benner
Department: Office for Education Abroad

Name: Anne Rhee

Status: Junior

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Ann Arbor/South Korea

Program: Business Law, Ethics and Sustainability in an Emerging Global Market in Greece, Summer 2017

From July 9 to August 6, I participated in a study abroad program to Greece called Business Law, Ethics and Sustainability in an Emerging Global Market. I was enrolled in GBL 460, 490, and 491 and I believe that it is inevitable that classes for these programs focus less on pure academics. However, there are more factors than academics that should be considered. For example, we had various field trips, business company visits, and experiential services, and these were an opportunity for me to look back to see who I am. For instance, I always thought I hated museums, but I really appreciated visiting the Acropolis Museum. I enjoyed seeing the overwhelming size of the Parthenon portrayed in the museum as well as learning about the art of architecture and history behind it. Surprisingly, I even had fun exploring new streets and places on my own. Prior to departure, I was nervous about going to a new country, especially in Europe, without any of my close friends or families. However, I ended up exploring the neighborhood and expanding my territory to get out of my comfort zone.  

In addition to academics, there were some in-depth cultural reflection done throughout my time in Greece. I believed that I had some level of cultural exposure due to traveling to different places since young age, including different cities in United States, South Korea, and Canada. Nonetheless, my cultural experience in Greece was completely new to me. First, Greeks have a very long day as it starts really early and ends late. For example, the general custom for people is to have dinner past 8pm, and they eat it for a long duration of time. Second, a lot of the food, souvenirs, and culture is more interrelated to those of Turkey than other European countries. Third, I could see that Greece is going through recessions unlike many of the European countries. Many local people insisted that Greece has recovered from recessions, and the perceptions that people have about Greece and economic crisis are exaggerated from their perspective. On the other hand, from a tourist perspective, I thought there were evident signs that indicated Greece is still going through recession. For example, the water pipeline is very old and weak to the extent that every bathroom has a sign that says to never throw away anything, including the toilet paper, into the toilet. The low Wi-Fi connection and many flies on the street also indicated that the living standards are clearly lower than those of United States.

This study abroad program was an experience that I really appreciated because I had an opportunity to study, travel, and relax in Greece for a month. I also had a chance to explore more in-depth customs and cultures of the people as well as learning about the history in an interesting way. Therefore, I would highly recommend MSU students to go elsewhere through the study abroad programs.