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VIPP Academic Forum Held to Share Knowledge and Expertise

Published: Wednesday, 13 Dec 2017
Author: VIPP
Department: Visiting International Professional Program

VIPP scholars and professionals had an opportunity to share their field of expertise and learning experiences at MSU on December 8, 2017. Six journalism professionals from China International Publishing Group (CIPG) and two faculty members from Nanjing Agricultural University presented their work and learning outcomes with fellow VIPP participants, faculty, and staff.  It was a successful event where everyone learned something new beyond their field. VIPP is proud to host professionals from such diverse backgrounds and field of expertise. 

Xiaofei Dang from China International Publishing Group presents her study on Chinese social media at the VIPP Academic Forum. 

Professor Eric Freedman in MSU School of Journalism served as a commentator for the panel. VIPP is thankful for his time and participation in the forum.

The CIPG group showcased their short movie that documents all six member's learning and living experiences at MSU. It was received with applause and cheers! 

Professor Tian Xu from Nanjing Agricultural University enthusiastically presents his study on economic growth in China.