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Give Green Day Success for Global Youth Advancement Fund

Published: Sunday, 31 Dec 2017
Author: The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Department: Office of the Dean

On Giving Tuesday (November 28, 2017), Michigan State University hosted Give Green Day—a day that encouraged others to celebrate significant projects, programs, and activities at MSU by donating to them. Participating this year was MSU's new Global Youth Advancement Network (GYAN)—a program that leverages MSU expertise to identify and scale new opportunities for global youth education, entrepreneurship, and empowerment activities. The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at MSU is the flagship program of GYAN, both led by Assistant Dean Dr. Chinwe Effiong. This year, GYAN was selected as the International Studies and Programs (ISP) beneficiary, establishing the Global Youth Advancement Network Fund.

The Global Youth Advancement Network Fund was created to address the global issue of youth unemployment, especially in less developed countries. Nearly a quarter of the world's population are youth between the ages of 10 and 24, and approximately six out of 10 of the (roughly) 120 million youth are unable to find jobs.

On this Give Green Day, the Global Youth Advancement Network Fund surpassed its $5,000 fundraising goal and raised $7,740 from over 70 donors. This substantial donation will go toward providing micro-grants to youth entrepreneurs, developing training tools and resources, and facilitating research on youth empowerment.

"The Global Youth Advancement Network is a new initiative at Michigan State University and a supplement to the university's commitment to youth empowerment around the world. We chose to support the GYAN Fund on Give Green Day to help launch the program and its initiatives," said Michael Cylkowski, Advancement Communications and Events Coordinator for the Office for International Advancement at MSU. "Dr. Chinwe Effiong was a passionate Champion for the project, and we were excited to work with her in shining a spotlight on the exciting work that GYAN is doing to support global youth."

Along with Dr. Effiong, others joined the initiative as Champions for Global Youth, by helping maximize the campaign's outreach through digital engagement and social media. Several Mastercard Scholars and MSU students provided assistance and support as Champions, spreading the word about the GYAN Fund and even donating to it. Scholars include:

Arhin Acheampong
Ebenezer Ansah
Jackline Umurerwa
Luyando Katenda
Momodou (Gobi) Bah
Rachel Nanteza
Talitha Pam

GYAN was privileged to be equally supported by four undergraduate students and one PhD candidate from various disciplines, including:

• Alexandria Cedergren, comparative cultures and politics major
• Michael Conteh, PhD candidate, School of Criminal Justice
• Elexis Grimes, accounting major
• Thiramet (Dream) Sottiyapai, biosystems engineering major
• Jellisa Westney, interdisciplinary studies major

"We brought together a team of students and alumni who we called Champions for Global Youth. Champions were chosen based on their extraordinary leadership at MSU and in the global community through academia, research, and/or service," Cylkowski said. "They are also individuals who empower and support youth, and are driven to help cultivate a healthy and positive environment for them to grow into leaders. With the help of Dr. Effiong and the Champion for Global Youth team, campaign awareness was spread to an expansive network of people around the world."

A huge thank you to those that gave donations to the fund—you have taken on the role as a Champion for Global Youth, and your donation will make a significant impact.

To learn more about Give Green Day at MSU and the projects/programs that participated, visit:
To learn more about the Global Youth Advancement Network Fund, visit: