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Kaylyn Camp - American College of Thessaloniki in Greece

Published: Monday, 05 Feb 2018
Author: Cheryl Ann Benner
Department: Office for Education Abroad

Name: Kaylyn Camp

Status: Sophomore

Major: Psychology B.A.

Hometown: Traverse City, MI

Program: American College of Thessaloniki, Greece 2017

My time in Greece was extremely rewarding for many reasons. I grew tremendously not only academically, but as a person as well. At first, I was worried about how I would acclimate myself to do well in Greece on my own both and school and with life in general. Quickly, those feelings faded as I learned how welcoming and helpful the staff at my college in Thessaloniki was to me. I wanted to gain more of a global perspective that I couldn't get in a classroom at Michigan State, so I chose to go to Greece and study subjects like philosophy, mythology, world religion, and history. It was incredible to be able to learn these subjects in their birthplace. I was able to visit many places I'd read briefly about in textbooks, and gain a whole new level of appreciation for them and their impact of history.

I went to Greece speaking close to no Greek, and was perfectly fine finding my way around and doing things like going out to eat or shopping at the local markets. Everyone was always very eager to help and talk to Americans. I don't come from an incredibly large city, and with Thessaloniki being the second largest city in Greece I didn't know how I'd do. I picked up a lot of "street smarts" in Greece that I might not have otherwise learned here in the United States. I had to learn how to be alert and aware of my surroundings at all times and also how to fend for myself during times when I was alone. These skills were very important for me in gaining the newfound level of independence I feel I have. Taking public transportation and taxis were all new to me. I met many people who I interacted with for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, but will never forget the life advice they offered me. I was able to travel many places outside of Greece, but was able to fulfill life goals of mine like hiking Mount Olympus, seeing the Parthenon, and seeing beautiful islands like Santorini and Mykonos. This was the experience of a lifetime and I'm so lucky to attend a school that offers programs like this to students. I hope that everyone takes advantage of the opportunity to study abroad during their college career because they will not regret it.