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AAP at RUFORUM: Developing Transformative Leadership in African Universities

Published: Friday, 02 Feb 2018
Author: Rachel Warner
Department: Office of the Dean

Several AAP-associated faculty members and staff attended the RUFORUM 13th Annual General Meeting in Lilongwe, Malawi, October 19-November 2, 2017.

The AAP, together with MSU's Global Center for Food Systems Innovation (GCFSI) and Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) hosted a pre-conference side event entitled Developing Transformative Leadership in African Universities. The main purpose of this event was to provide the audience of university leaders with concrete examples of how strong partnerships are advantageous when working towards transformative change within universities. LUANAR and MSU leaders shared their experiences with a long-term, mutually-beneficial partnership and demonstrated its impact on promoting transformative leadership in university administration, research, and community engagement at both institutions. LUANAR faculty members, Ms. Zione Kalumikiza, Dr. Sera Gondwe and Dr. Wilfred Kadewa, then modeled their experience with MSU-LUANAR joint Innovation Scholars Program through an interactive "design thinking" or "human-centered design" session with the over 80 participants in attendance. The idea of partnership resonated with participants and several approached the hosts to discuss concepts of partnership and particularly how North-South-South partnerships could be leveraged to benefit their respective institutions.

The AAP also co-hosted a special dinner to celebrate the over 30-year history of the partnership between MSU and LUANAR. Leadership from LUANAR and MSU hosted representatives from the two institutions, as well as special guests from the Government of Malawi, RUFORUM, the World Bank, USAID,  and the Norwegian Embassy.