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GYAN Presents YIELD Shop Webinar Series

Published: Friday, 29 Jun 2018
Author: Global Youth Advancement Network
Department: Office of the Dean

Young Innovators in Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development (YIELD), a Global Youth Advancement Network (GYAN) initiative, is pleased to present its YIELD Shop Webinar Series. This series of monthly webinars will help young entrepreneurs access and maximize opportunities in the rapidly evolving agri-food systems of Africa by equipping them with knowledge and best practices for small business management and growth. Each webinar will focus on a particular topic relevant to entrepreneurs such as:

1. Innovative financing models
2. Developing effective marketing strategies
3. Financial management tips
4. Human resource management
5. Navigating bureaucratic red-tapes
6. Maximizing strategic partnership for success
7. Navigating a competitive landscape
8. Leadership in the business

These webinars will serve as a resource for agripreneurs as they continue to make advancements in their respective ventures.  YIELD Co-PI and MSU Assistant Professor, Kwame Yeboah, illustrated the importance of the project when he recounted a situation in Ghana where 84,000 young graduates applied for 500 positions at the Ghana Immigration services.  "That is why I'm excited about young people like you that have taken the initiative to create your own jobs as well as avenues to employ other people," he told the young entrepreneurs. "We want to provide as much support as we can.  The success of the continent will depend on your success."

On June 27th, YIELD broadcast its first topical webinar, Innovative Financing for Agripreneurs.  Guest speaker Linda Kwamboka used her expertise as Co-Founder of MFarm to explain how a range of traditional and non-traditional financing mechanisms—partnerships, micro-contributions, and market-based financial transactions, to name a few—can help entrepreneurs raise capital and gain access to debt financing that will contribute to business growth.  As an experienced entrepreneur, Kwamboka was able to offer well-rounded advice that extended beyond finance models. When asked for her advice on long-term business success, Linda emphasized the importance of building a strong team, saying "You have to communicate the vision that you have for the company. Communicate constantly what you want to achieve and find those people who are very excited. They may not have the competencies but they are willing to actually help in solving the problem. Those are the people you want."

A recording of the sessions can be found here

The next webinar will focus on Marketing and will take place on July 25, 2018.  If you are interested in taking part in the YIELD Shop series, please contact yepadmin(at) for more information.