Humphrey Fellows Profiles

Current Fellows

Alemayehu Lamore smiling in front of leafy backdropAlemayehu Lamore, Ethiopia

Alemayehu Lamore is a researcher at the Livestock Research Department at the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Assosa Center.  In this role, he is the leader of the Animal Feeds and Nutrition Division that researches forage crops and animal nutrition that contribute to the enhancement of livestock productivity in Ethiopia.  During his Humphrey Fellowship, he intends to develop his leadership skills and to enhance his professional competence in agricultural research.  His ultimate goal is to apply the acquired knowledge and skills to be a principal researcher and leader in a higher position in his institution of another agricultural research institution.  

Ali Sharwan standing in front of leafy backgroundAli Sharwan, Yemen

Ali Sharwan is a policy and planning advisor at the National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response.  In that role, he undertakes complex research investigations and analysis to support the formulation of policy proposals, advice and strategies concerning program implementation.  His Humphrey Fellowship goals include networking with his peers, learning about economic development initiatives, technology utilization, and Small and Medium Enterprise development creating employment alternatives for youth and former combatants.  His ultimate goal is to reduce poverty and conflict.

Anar Pashajanov smiling in front of leafy backgroundAnar Pashajanov, Azerbaijan

Anar Pashajanov is the head of the Financial Programming Division at the Monetary Policy Department of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan.  In this role, his main responsibility is to prepare policy recommendations to the board of the Central Bank, conduct various research, and prepare reports on monetary policy and financial stability.  During his Humphrey year, he is planning to develop his professional competencies in the field of economic development, finance, and banking.  He wants to be an active participant in large-scale reforms underway and lead the development of the Azerbaijani economy from a kingdom of oil to the next phase.  From this point of view, his main goal will be to apply toward the future development of his country.

Florentine Nzisabira smiling in front of a leafy backdropFlorentine Nzisabira, Burundi

Florentine Nzisabira is a legal advisor and program manager at Burundi Friends International, where she ensures socio-economic projects such as savings and loans, and business training for women and youth are successfully implemented.  She also develops policies and procedures for the organization.  Her Humphrey Fellowship goals include learning democratic institution building in the United States and acquiring experience with national and international human rights principles and values.  Her ultimate goal is to learn strategies for advocating for better socio-economic rights and policies at national and international levels.  Skills acquired during the Humphrey Fellowship will help her organization and help her understand ways to advocate for better socio-economic rights and policies for women and youth.

Garba Hamadou smiling in front of leafy backdropGarba Hamadou, Niger

Garba Hamadou is an administrator at Diori Hamani International Airport of Niamey.  He has been contributing significantly to address short and long term needs by supporting the general manager at all levels.  His Humphrey Fellowship goals include learning how to cultivate an effective and cohesive team to pursue common objectives, and manage employees to help provide constructive feedback to the staff in achieving personal and collective goals for efficient company growth.  His ultimate goals are to share his experience about how to facilitiate innovation in making colleagues with whom he will be working feel comfortable to communicate new ideas so as to implement any innovation to its full potential.  He will also evaluate operational workflow in aiming at reducing any risk related to a given project's implementation.

Gertrude Basiima smiling in front of leafy backdropGertrude Basiima, Uganda

Gertrude A. Basiima is the acting assistant commissioner in the project analysis and public investment management (PIM) department at the Ugandan Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development where she ensures projects are well prepared and appraised to be viable or worth investment and financing.  She also builds the capacity of entities in project preparation and implementation.  Her Humphrey Fellowship goals include acquiring knowledge, skills, and tools to facilitate a business process reengineering for project processes and procedures aimed at improving both learning methods and successful project implementation.  Her ultimate goal is to produce an integrated capacity-building program at the PIM "Center for Excellence" aimed at having specialists in project preparation, appraisal, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation from skills and networks developed during the program.

Heon-Taek Yoon (2).jpgHeon-Taek Yoon, South Korea

Heon-Taek Yoon is an assistant director at Korea Post where he has spent more than a decade managing international affairs in earlier years and labor force regulation recently.  He holds a master's degree in development policy from KDI school.  During his Humphrey year, he would like to study post-covid policies, especially on facilitation of the postal network in the U.S.  His ultimate goal is to be an international expert who will be able to represent his country and to develop international affairs partnerships around the world.

Konstantina Kalaydzhieva smiling in front of leafy backdropKonstantina Kalaydzhieva, Bulgaria

Konstantina Kalaydzhieva is a senior expert at the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture.  There, she helped establish potential trade links between Bulgarian agricultural producers and their international counterparts.  She also monitors the compliance of the Bulgarian agricultural legislative commitments with EU regulations.  Her Humphrey Fellowship goals include increasing her capability for designing and executing local, regional and global initiatives in the agricultural and economic development fields.  Her ultimate goal is to be an active participant in international and regional development projects aiming to build economic capacity for countries and local communities to combat hunger and assure food security.    

Krishal Prasad smiling in front of leafy backdropKrishal Prasad, Fiji

Krishal Prasad is a senior economist at the Westpac Banking Corporation Fiji. At his current role he is tasked with providing timely and accurate economic advice to the leadership team, customers and other stakeholder’s requiring in-depth macroeconomic analysis on key economic variables.  His Humphrey Fellowship goals include building a professional network in the US that will allow him to address the skills gap in terms of policy making and public-private partnership.  His ultimate goal is to work towards enhancing the economic growth and development in Fiji via targeted inclusive and sustainable growth and climate change mitigation projects.

Maria Florencia Collados smiling in front of leafy backdrop

Maria Florencia Collados, Argentina

Maria Florencia Collados is a strategic planning executive coordinator at Santa Fe City Government where she is charged with designing the strategic plan of the city and government agenda.  She is also responsible for the coordination of "Urban Lab", a public policy innovation lab.  Finally for the designing and implementation of strategies to promote social dialogue and facilitate joint work with local economic, political, and social stakeholders.  She has vast experience in international cooperation and foreign trade areas both in private and public sectors and has been a fellow of UNESCO, ECLAC and the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Her Humphrey Fellowship goals include strengthening her knowledge about public policies for foreign trade promotion, with their consequent impact on local economic development.  Her ultimate goal is to design comprehensive and innovative assistance programs for exporters, promote greater participation of women in local economic and political life, and finally, implement accessible credit lines for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Muhammad Abid Azam smiling in front of leafy backdropMuhammad Abid Azam, Pakistan

Muhammad Abid Azam is a project coordinator with Oxfam Pakistan GB in an economic development and entrepreneurship project, Empower Youth Work (EYW).  The EYW project is creating job and business opportunities for young people in the country.  He is also Co-Founder of PakStockPhoto, Pakistan's only technology and visual communication agency that is branding Pakistan, solving local content issues and empowering the artist community.  His Humphrey Fellowship goals include gaining skills and enhanced knowledge in program and project management, scaling technology startup businesses  in developing economies, product designing, leadership and improvisation through innovation to enable young people to contribute towards the economy of Pakistan.  His ultimate goal is to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan by promoting technology, innovation and to reduce the gap between developed and developing economies.

Sundus Asif smiling in front of leafy backdropSundus Asif, Pakistan

Sundus Asif is a human resources manager at Cube Healthcare Systems Pvt Ltd where she drives the entire human recourses aspect of the organization including both operational and strategic functions.  With over seven years of work experience, she is presently engaged in building high performance teams and uplifting talent in KPK.  During her fellowship year, Sundus would like to hone her skills in strategic management and policy as well as gain a global perspective on management.  She looks forward to learning about and ultimately applying LEAN models in the IT industry in Pakistan.  


Abid Shah

Pakistan, 2019-20

Adama Ouegraogo

Burkina Faso, 2015-16

Adriana Niedoszewska

Poland, 2004-5

Ahmed Alkabab

Yemen, 2010-11

Aleem Siddiqui Matabalao Guiapal

Philippines, 2017-18

Alejandro Herrera

Dominican Republic, 2006-7

Alemayehu Lamore

Ethiopia, 2022-23

Alfonso Abdo Felix

Ecuador, 2020-21

Ali Sharwan

Yemen, 2022-23

Alka Bhargava

India, 2013-14

Alma Nurshaikhova

Kazakhstan, 2010-11

Almaz Abdykerimov

Kyrgyzstan, 2016-17

Amadou Ba

Senegal, 2008-9

Amlan Ines Anoman

Cote d'Ivoire, 2019-20

Amtul Waris

India, 2007-8

Anar Pashajanov

Azerbaijan, 2022-23

Andrea Danihelova

Slovak Republic, 2020-21

Angeline Tendai Chikwanda

Zimbabwe, 2009-10

Anna Podlesna

Slovakia, 2021-22

Ansuman Pattnaik

India, 2012-13

Aphideth Mingboupha

Laos, 2018-19

Armando Mendoza

Peru, 2018-19

Artur Bikbaev

Russia, 2014-15

Aruna Badoo

Mauritius, 2018-19

Asad Aleem

Pakistan, 2003-4

Asmaa Fizazi

Algeria, 2017-18

Asrar M. Riyad Jaber

Gaza, 2017-18

Augustin Broh

Cote d'Ivoire, 2007-8

Batsho Dambe-Groth

Botswana, 2010-11

Bayan-Altai Luvsandorj

Mongolia, 2006-7

Bezhan Shamsherovich Kholiknazarov

Tajikistan, 2014-15

Biswas Rai

Nepal, 2006-7

Boulou Akano

Niger, 2006-7

Bu Li

China, 2007-8

Carla Cecilia Lima Aranzaes

Bolivia, 2017-18

Carlos Sampaio

Brazil, 2005-6

Chen Shixin

China, 2003-4

Claribel Aparicio Ferreira

Bolivia, 2012-13

Coulibaly Ba Aliou

Mauritania, 2015-16

Cristian Alecse

Romania, 2011-12

Dana Imad Hamzah

Bahrain, 2016-17

Darshan Gangolli

India, 2004-5

David Ramos

Honduras, 2009-10

Deep Kiran Rajani

Pakistan, 2020-21

Dejan Mak

Serbia, 2011-12

Dera Niaina Zafindravaka

Madagascar, 2016-17

Djelika Pare

Burkina Faso, 2011-12

Doaa Hussein Ahmed

Egypt, 2016-17

Donald Rossette

Bangladesh, 2005-6

Dong Luu Tran

Vietnam, 2005-6

Douffi Sheriff

Sierra Leone, 2008-9

Dung Nguyen

Vietnam, 2012-13

Elvin Afandi

Azerbaijan, 2009-10

Emmah Sumo

Liberia, 2009-10

Endrias Getachew

Ethiopia, 2007-8

Evaristo Simwinga

Zambia, 2007-8

Evita Feldberga

Latvia, 2020-21

Fadia Al-Bahr

Yemen, 2021-22

Faezeh Yekkalam Tash

Iran, 2021-22

Faisal Khan

Pakistan, 2013-14

Farid Hasnaoui

Morocco, 2006-7

Florentine Nzisabira

Burundi, 2022-23

Gabriela Rodrigues dos Santos

Brazil, 2009-10

Gabyoung Shim

Korea, 2008-9

Gandolgor Purevjav

Mongolia, 2011-12

Garba Hamadou

Niger, 2022-23

Georgi Ignatov

Estonia, 2013-14

Gertrude Basiima

Uganda, 2022-23

Gissela Morales

Bolivia, 2011-12

Griselda Soto

Nicaragua, 2003-4

Gryzel Matallana

Peru, 2002-3

Gulcheen Aqil

Pakistan, 2014-15

Hailemichael Hailu Gebregiorgiss

Ethiopia, 2019-20

Hanan Hasan

Bahrain, 2015-16

Haytham Abushaban

Gaza, 2016-17

Heewon Kim

Korea, 2021-22

Heon-Taek Yoon

South Korea, 2022-23

Hernan Braude

Argentina, 2018-19

Hoang Thi Thanh Ha

Vietnam, 2003-4

Hodian Urio

Tanzania, 2002-3

HongMei Zhao

China, 2012-13

Imrul Muniruzzaman

Bangladesh, 2007-8

Inna Remizova

Ukraine, 2015-16

Jaafar Elaouani

Tunisia, 2004-5

Jae Young Choi

Korea, 2003-4

Jae-Cheol Yoo

Korea, 2005-6

Janak De Silva

Sri Lanka, 2005-6

Javeria Rameez Naqvi

Pakistan, 2018-19

Jean Claude Cenatus

Haiti, 2008-9

Jennet Atabayeva

Turkmenistan, 2005-6

Jennet Hojanazarova

Turkmenistan, 2006-7

Jinah Seong

Korea, 2021-22

Joan Palacios

Ecuador, 2012-13

Joe Greaves

Liberia, 2021-22

Johanna De los Castillo Coronado

Panama, 2012-13

Jong Wook Lee

Korea, 2002-3

Josephine Ami-Narh

Ghana, 2007-8

Jovita Tamosaityte

Lithuania, 2013-14

Kajal Ashna Mahepal

Suriname, 2017-18

Karen Sheppard

Peru, 2007-8

Karine Simonyan

Armenia, 2002-3

Keunwoo Lee

Korea, 2014-15

Kladoumbaye Modjingar

Chad, 2005-6

Konstantina Kalaydzhieva

Bulgaria, 2022-23

Kossi Tsogbe

Togo, 2011-12

Kouakou Bruno Tano

Cote d'Ivoire, 2015-16

Krishal Prasad

Fiji, 2022-23

Krishna Gyawali

Nepal, 2005-6

Krishna Hari Pushkar

Nepal, 2014-15

Kulthum Amani

Tanzania, 2004-5

Kunduz Masylkanova

Kyrgyzstan, 2007-8

Kunduz Keneeva

Kyrgyzstan, 2019-20

Kwasi Amankwaah

Ghana, 2009-10

Lea Uhrinova

Slovakia, 2004-5

Lima Frederick

Grenada, 2006-7

Lite' Seruvakula

Fiji, 2021-22

Lukas Lauw

Indonesia, 2005-6

Madou Broh

Cote d'Ivoire, 2007-8

Maha Abu-Rumman

Jordan, 2017-18

Maïmouna Kebe

Senegal, 2006-7

Mamadou Dian Bah

Guinea, 2004-5

Mangalika Adikari

Sri Lanka, 2009-10

Manju Thapa Magar

Nepal, 2009-10

Manothong Vongsay

Laos, 2003-4

Manuel Mutimucuio

Mozambique, 2013-14

Manuel Laredo

Bolivia, 2019-20

Marco Scanu

Venezuela, 2004-5

Maria Fernanda Pozo

Ecuador, 2021-22

Maria Florencia Collados

Argentina, 2022-23

Marija Jovicic

Serbia, 2016-17

Mario Milakovic

Serbia, 2021-22

Marko Saric

Serbia, 2013-14

Maxim Ross

Venezuela, 2018-19

Mazuba Mukubani

Zambia, 2019-20

Md. Mamunur Rahman

Bangladesh, 2016-17

Mila Kasalica

Montenegro, 2002-3

Michael Ajayi

Nigeria, 2018-19

Mina Aryal

Nepal, 2011-12

Minho Son

South Korea, 2020-21

Moaness Tahoun

Egypt, 2008-9

Mohamed Sankare

Mali, 2019-20

Mohammed Ahmed

Bangladesh, 2019-20

Mohsina Yasmin

Bangladesh, 2009-10

Moon Kyun Cho

Korea, 2012-13

Moussa Fofana

Mali, 2009-10

Muhammad Abid Azam

Pakistan, 2022-23

Muhammad Ahmad

Pakistan, 2010-11

Muhammad Arshad

Pakistan, 2014-15

Muhammad Asif

Pakistan, 2016-17

Munanura Robert

Uganda, 2012-13

Munkhsoyol Baatarjav

Mongolia, 2010-11

Nabina Shrestha

Nepal, 2003-4

Naglaa Mohamed Hasaab

Egypt, 2012-13

Nancy Diphupu

Botswana, 2010-11

Narin Kruy

Cambodia, 2014-15

Nelisiwe Dlamini

Swaziland, 2002-3

Nydia Iluise Hawala

Angola, 2016-17

M. Octavius Phukubye

South Africa, 2018-19

Olusola Olubode

Nigeria, 2005-6

Paul Bagabo

Uganda, 2004-5

Petrus Nuuyoma

Namibia, 2020-21

Pramudhita Puteri

Indonesia, 2018-19

Prasedes Banseka

Cameroon, 2010-11

Prudence Serju

Jamaica, 2013-14

Rachelle Elien

Haiti, 2013-14

Raimundo Hernandez

Honduras, 2006-7

Raju Arumugham

India, 2010-11

Ramziya Muborakshoeva

Tajikistan, 2015-16

Rasha Al-Tameemi

Iraq, 2020-21

Raul Ruiz Barbot

Uruguay, 2006-7

Reem Bassem Fouad Mikhail

Egypt, 2017-18

Rinchen Lhazom

Bhutan, 2010-11

Roman Opimakh

Ukraine, 2015-16

Rose Ngalula

Dem. Rep. of Congo, 2006-7

Roua Al-Hayki

Bahrain, 2010-11

Rukhshona Rajabova

Tajikistan, 2010-11

Rustam Saidaliyev

Uzbekistan, 2005-6

Sahr Joseph Kaifineh

Sierra Leone, 2017-18

Salamat Ali

Pakistan, 2008-9

Saliha Elcin Ozen

Turkey, 2009-10

SamAng Po

Cambodia, 2010-11

Sanavbar Sharipova

Tajikistan, 2008-9

Sanghong Lee

South Korea, 2019-20

Santiago Laserna Fernandez

Bolivia, 2017-18

Sebhat Belayneh

Ethiopia, 2008-9

Séguibyam Joachim Kientga

Burkina Faso, 2014-15

Serge Ekani

Cameroon, 2015-16

Seybou Yaro

Burkina Faso, 2010-11

Shah Faisal

Pakistan, 2011-12

Sheikh Raza

Pakistan, 2020-21

Sherab Zangmo

Bhutan, 2019-20

Shradha Shrestha

Nepal, 2021-22

Shujie He

China, 2004-5

Sohna Fatou Ceesay

The Gambia, 2020-21

Sokchanna Kram

Cambodia, 2011-12

Solofoniaina Rakotoseheno Andriambola

Madagascar, 2020-21

Sónia Joao Buvana

Mozambique, 2017-18

Sophia-Joy Soli

Papua New Guinea, 2017-18

Souphonesa Xaypannha

Laos, 2007-8

Suhret Fazlic

Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2007-8

Sundus Asif

Pakistan, 2022-23

Taimur Aman

Pakistan, 2016-17

Talantbek Sakishev

Kyrgyzstan, 2004-5

Tariq Thabet

Gaza, 2021-22

Thi Lan Anh Tran

Vietnam, 2011-12

Thierno Bah

Guinea, 2008-9

Tsheltrum Dorji

Bhutan, 2012-13

Uzma Ali

Pakistan, 2021-22

Vasenden Dorasami

Mauritius, 2009-10

Ventura Mufume

Mozambique, 2015-16

Vesna Gavrilovic

Bosnia-Herzegovia, 2012-13

Volodymyr Bortnytskyi

Ukraine, 2014-15

Waheeda Choudhury

Bangladesh, 2003-4

Walid Ben Amara

Tunisia, 2013-14

Wasim Ahmed

Pakistan, 2013-14

Ximena Mora

Ecuador, 2015-16

Yam Sharma

Nepal, 2007-8

Yaowu Song

China, 2006-7

Yasmeen Parveen

Bangladesh, 2014-15

Yasmira Calderón

Cuba, 2018-19

Yi Lite

China, 2002-3

Yoon Hee Kim

Korea, 2021-22

Yousaf Orakzai

Pakistan, 2011-12

Yuderka Chong Franco

Dominican Republic, 2005-6

Zaw Naing

Myanmar (Burma), 2008-9

Zaza Randriamiarana

Madagascar, 2008-9

Zharas Tugulbayev

Kazakhstan, 2006-7

Zohrab Ismayil

Azerbaijan, 2015-16

Zorana Markovic

Serbia and Montenegro, 2003-4

Zuhair M. Saleh

Libya, 2013-14

Zviad Kajaia

Georgia, 2006-7



  • Asmaa Fizazi, 2017-18


  • Nydia Hawala, 2016-17


  • Hernan Braude, 2018-19
  • Maria Florencia Collados, 2022-23


  • Karine Simonyan, 2002-3


  • Elvin Afandi, 2009-10
  • Zohrab Ismayil, 2015-16
  • Anar Pashajanov, 2022-23


  • Roua Al-Hayki, 2010-11
  • Hanan Hasan, 2015-16
  • Dana Hamzah, 2016-17


  • Waheeda Choudhury, 2003-4
  • Donald Rossette, 2005-6
  • Imrul Muniruzzaman, 2007-8
  • Moshina Yasmin, 2009-10
  • Yasmeen Parveen, 2014-15
  • Md. Mamunur Rahman, 2016-17
  • Mohammed Ahmed, 2019-20


  • Rinchin Lhazom, 2010-11
  • Tsheltrum Dorji, 2012-13
  • Sherab Zangmo, 2019-20


  • Gissela Morales, 2011-12
  • Claribel Aparicio Ferreira, 2012-13
  • Carla Cecilia Lima Aranzaes, 2017-18
  • Santiago Laserna Fernandez, 2017-18
  • Manuel Laredo, 2019-20


  • Suhet Fazlic, 2007-8
  • Vesna Gavrilovic, 2012-13


  • Batsho Dambe-Groth, 2010-11
  • Nancy Diphupu, 2012-11


  • Carlos Sampaio, 2005-6
  • Gabriela Rodrigues dos Santos, 2009-10


  • Konstantina Kalaydzhieva, 2022-23

Burkina Faso

  • Seybou Yaro, 2012-11
  • Djelika Pare, 2011-12
  • Seguibyam Kientga, 2014-15
  • Adama Ouedraogo, 2015-16


  • Florentine Nzisabira, 2022-23


  • SamAng Po, 2010-11
  • Sokchanna Kram, 2011-12
  • Narin Kruy, 2014-15


  • Prasedes Banseka, 2010-11
  • Serge Ekani, 2015-16


  • Kladoumbaye Modjingar, 2005-6


  • Yi Lite, 2002-3
  • Chen Shixin, 2003-4
  • Shujie He, 2004-5
  • Yaowu Song, 2006-7
  • Bu Li, 2007-8
  • HongMei Zhao, 2012-13

Cote d’Ivoire

  • Augustin Broh, 2007-8
  • Madou Broh, 2007-8
  • Kouakou Bruno Tano, 2015-16
  • Amlan Ines Anoman, 2019-20


  • Yasmira Calderón, 2018-19

Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Rose Ngalula, 2006-7

Dominican Republic

  • Yuderka Chong Franco, 2005-6
  • Alejandro Herrera, 2006-7


  • Joan Palacios, 2012-13
  • Ximena Mora, 2015-16
  • Alfonso Abdo Felix, 2020-21
  • Maria Fernanda Pozo, 2021-22


  • Moaness Tahoun, 2008-9
  • Naglaa Mohamed Hassab, 2012-13
  • Doaa Hussein Ahmed, 2016-17
  • Reem Fouad Mikhail, 2017-18


  • Georgi Ignatov, 2013-14


  • Endrias Getachew, 2007-8
  • Sebhat Belayneh, 2008-9
  • Hailemichael Hailu Gebregiorgiss, 2019-20
  • Alemayehu Lamore, 2022-23


  • Lite' Seruvakula, 2021-22
  • Krishal Prasad, 2022-23

The Gambia

  • Sohna Fatou Ceesay, 2020-21


  • Haytham Abushaban, 2016-17
  • Asrar M. Riyad Jaber, 2017-18
  • Tariq Thabet, 2021-22


  • Zviad Kajaia, 2006-7


  • Josephine Ami-Narh, 2007-8
  • Kwasi Amankwaah, 2009-10


  • Lima Frederick, 2006-7


  • Mamadou Dian Bah, 2004-5
  • Thierno Bah, 2008-9


  • Jean Claude Cenatus, 2008-9
  • Rachelle Elien, 2013-14


  • Raimundo Hernandez, 2006-7
  • David Ramos, 2009-10


  • Darshan Gangolli, 2004-5
  • Amtul Waris, 2007-8
  • Raju Arumugham, 2010-11
  • Ansuman Pattnaik, 2012-13
  • Alka Bhargava, 2013-14


  • Lukas Lauw, 2005-6
  • Pramudhita Puteri, 2018-19


  • Faezeh Yekkalam Tash, 2021-22


  • Rasha Al-Tameemi, 2020-21


  • Prudence Serju, 2013-14


  • Maha Abu-Rumman, 2017-18


  • Zharas Tugulbayev, 2006-7
  • Alma Nurshaikhova, 2010-11


  • Jong Wook Lee, 2002-3
  • Jae Young Choi, 2003-4
  • Jae-Cheol Yoo, 2005-6
  • Gabyoung Shim, 2008-9
  • Moon Kyun Cho, 2012-13
  • Keunwoo Lee, 2014-15
  • Sanghong Lee, 2019-20
  • Minho Son, 2020-21
  • Heewon Kim, 2021-22
  • Yoon Hee Kim, 2021-22
  • Jinah Seong, 2021-22
  • Heon-Taek Yoon, 2022-23


  • Talantbek Sakishev, 2004-5
  • Kunduz Masylkanova, 2007-8
  • Almaz Abdykerimov, 2016-17
  • Kunduz Keneeva, 2019-20


  • Evita Feldberga, 2020-21


  • Manothong Vongsay, 2003-4
  • Souphonesa Xaypannha, 2007-8
  • Aphideth Mingboupha, 2018-19


  • Emmah Sumo, 2009-10
  • Joe Greaves, 2021-22


  • Zuhair M. Saleh, 2013-14


  • Jovita Tamosaityte, 2013-14


  • Zaza Randriamiarana, 2008-9
  • Dera Zafindravaka, 2016-17
  • Solofoniaina Rakotoseheno Andriambola, 2020-21


  • Moussa Fofana, 2009-10
  • Mohamed Sankare, 2019-20


  • Aruna Badoo, 2018-19


  • Coulibaly Ba Aliou, 2015-16


  • Vasenden Dorasami, 2009-10


  • Bayan-Altai Luvsandorj, 2006-7
  • Munkhsoyol Baatarjav, 2010-11
  • Gandolgor Purevjav, 2011-12


  • Mila Kasalica, 2002-3


  • Farid Hasnaoui, 2006-7


  • Manuel Mutimucuio, 2013-14
  • Ventura Mufume, 2015-16
  • Sónia Joao Buvana, 2017-18

Myanmar (Burma)

  • Zaw Naing, 2008-9


  • Petrus Nuuyoma, 2020-21


  • Nabina Shrestha, 2003-4
  • Krishna Gyawali, 2005-6
  • Biswas Rai, 2006-7
  • Yam Sharma, 2007-8
  • Manju Thapa Magar, 2009-10
  • Mina Aryal, 2011-12
  • Krishna Hari Pushkar, 2014-15
  • Shradha Shrestha, 2021-22


  • Griselda Soto, 2003-4


  • Boulou Akano, 2006-7
  • Garba Hamadou, 2022-23


  • Olusola Olubode, 2005-6
  • Michael Ajayi, 2018-19


  • Asad Aleem, 2003-4
  • Salmat Ali, 2008-9
  • Muhammad Ahmad, 2010-11
  • Shah Faisal, 2011-12
  • Yousaf Orakzai, 2011-12
  • Faisal Khan, 2013-14
  • Wasim Ahmed, 2013-14
  • Muhammad Arshad, 2015-16
  • Gulcheen Aqil, 2015-16
  • Muhammad Asif, 2016-17
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Papua New Guinea

  • Sophia-Joy Soli, 2017-18


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Serbia and Montenegro

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Sierra Leone

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  • Lea Uhrinova, 2004-5
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South Africa

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Sri Lanka

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  • Evaristo Simwinga, 2007-8
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  • Angeline Tendai Chikwanda, 2009-10

Professional Affiliation Sites


  • Angeline Tendai Chikwanda

African Chamber of Commerce, Dallas TX

  • Olusola Olubode

Aga Khan Council, USA, Chicago, IL

  • Ramziya Muborakshoeva

Allen Neighborhood Center, Lansing, MI

  • Douffi Sheriff
  • Andrea Danihelova

American Red Cross, Mid-Michigan Chapter, Lansing, MI

  • Mazuba Mukubani

Amish Prestige, Columbus, OH

  • Marko Saric

Anthem/Wellpoint, Richmond, VA

  • Datsho Bambe-Groth

Ash Center for Democratic Governance, Cambridge, MA

  • Dung Nguyen

Asia Foundation, San Francisco, CA

  • Krishna Hari Pushkar

Atlas Corps

  • Carla Cecilia Lima Aranzaes

Beeck Center, Washington, DC

  • Nydia Hawala

BN USA Inc., Fort Lee, NJ

  • Moon Kyun Cho

Brookings Institution, Washington, DC

  • Hernan Braude

Capital Area MichiganWorks!, Lansing, MI

  • Amlan Ines Anoman

Capitol Bankcorp, Lansing, MI

  • Josephine Ami-Narh

Center for Community and Economic Development, East Lansing, MI

  • Manuel Laredo

Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, NC

  • Kwasi Amankwaah
  • Vasenden Dorasami

Center for International Private Enterprise, Washington, DC

  • Kwasi Amankwaah

Center for Quality People Organization, Georgetown, KY

  • Batsho Dambe-Groth

Center for Restorative Justice and Peace, St. Paul, MN

  • Shah Faisal

City of East Lansing, East Lansing, MI

  • Adama Ouedraogo
  • Almaz Abdykerimov
  • Amadou Bah
  • Dejan Mak
  • Dong Luu Tran
  • Emmah Sumo
  • Georgi Ignatov
  • Haytham Abushaban
  • Manju Thapa Magar
  • Md. Mamunur Rahman
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • Muhammad Arshad
  • Munkhsoyol Baatarjav
  • Narin Kruy
  • Rachelle Elien
  • Rinchen Lhazom
  • Rukhshona Rajabova
  • Taimur Aman
  • Yasmeen Parveen
  • Yousef Orakzai
  • Aruna Badoo
  • Michael Ajayi
  • Sherab Zangmo
  • Uzma Ali

City of East Lansing Budget Office, East Lansing, MI

  • Seguibyam Kientga
  • Wasim Ahmed

D-Labs, Boston, MA

  • Md. Mamunur Rahman

Common Impact, Boston, MA

  • Jovita Tamozaityte

Commonwealth of Virginia, Richmond, VA

  • Roua Al-Hayki

Consulate of Pakistan, Chicago, IL

  • Muhammad Arshad

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

  • Amtul Waris

County of Hawaii Office of Housing, Hilo, HI

  • Cristian Alecse

Detroit Youth Development Commission, Detroit, MI

  • Maïmouna Kebe

Dewey Balantine LLC, Washington, DC

  • Janak De Silva

East Lansing Technology Innovation Center, East Lansing, MI

  • Mina Aryal

Education for Employment, Washington, DC

  • Zuhair M. Saleh

ELM International, Foothill Ranch, CA

  • Rustam Saidaliyev

Enterprise Development Group, Arlington, VA

  • Endrias Getachew

Firebird Management LLC, New York, NY

  • Zviad Kajaia

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Washington, DC

  • Amlan Ines Anoman

Gabriel’s Community Credit Union, Lansing, MI

  • Prasedes Banseka

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

  • Artur Bikbaev

Grameen Bank, Washington, DC

  • Ximena Mora

Grameen Foundation, Washington, DC

  • Maria Fernanda Pozo 

Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC

  • Gissela Morales

Information Technology Innovation Foundation

  • Evita Feldberga

International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC

  • Dana Hamzah
  • Inna Remizova
  • Jennet Hojanazarova
  • Karen Sheppard
  • Marija Polak
  • Narin Kruy
  • Zaza Randriamiarana
  • Maha Abu-Rumman

Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, DC

  • Keunwoo Lee

Jackson National Life, East Lansing, MI

  • Reem Bassem Fouad Mikhail
  • Solofoniaina Rakotoseheno Andriambola

Kelly Services, Troy, MI

  • Kossi Tsogbe

Lansing Area Economic Partnership, Lansing, MI

  • Dera Zafindravaka
  • Muhammad Asif
  • Nydia Hawala
  • Santiago Laserna Fernandez
  • Octavius Phukubye
  • Sanghong Lee
  • Sheikh Raza
  • Tariq Thabet

Latin Chamber of Commerce USA, Miami, FL

  • Claribel Aparicio Ferreira

Louisiana State University Center for Energy Studies, Baton Rouge, LA

  • Roman Opimakh

Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Lansing, MI

  • Thi Lan Anh Tran

Michigan Civil Service, Lansing, MI

Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy, Lansing, MI

  • Faezeh Yekkalam Tash

Michigan Employment Clinic

  • Anna Podlesna

Michigan Manufacturers’ Association, Lansing, MI

  • Thi Lan Anh Tran

Michigan Small Business and Technology, Lansing, MI

  • Donald Rossette

Michigan State University EMPowER Laboratory, East Lansing, MI

  • Heewon Kim

Michigan State University Extension - First Impressions Tourism Program, East Lansing, MI

  • Shradha Shrestha

Michigan State University Office for China Programs

  • Jinah Seong

Michigan State University Office of Human Resources, East Lansing, MI

  • Ramziya Muborakshoeva
  • Asmaa Fizazi
  • Carla Cecilia Lima Aranzaes
  • Pramudhita Puteri
  • Aphideth Mingboupha
  • Deep Kiran Rajani
  • Rasha Al-Tameemi
  • Yoon Hee Kim

Michigan State University Agriculture, Food and Resource Economics, East Lansing, MI

  • Jean Claude Cenatus

Michigan State University Center for Community and Economic Development, East Lansing, MI

  • SamAng Po
  • Sokchanna Kram
  • Joe Garmondyu Greaves

Michigan State University Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, East Lansing, MI

  • Maxim Ross

Michigan State University Center for International Business, East Lansing, MI

  • Sophia-Joy Soli
  • Minho Son

Michigan State University College of Law Tax Clinic, East Lansing, MI

  • Ansuman Pattnaik
  • Carlos Sampaio
  • Farid Hasnaoui
  • Jae-Cheol Yoo

Michigan State University Computing and Network Services, East Lansing, MI

  • Lukas Lauw

Michigan State University Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives, East Lansing, MI

  • Gabriela Rodrigues dos Santos

Michigan State University Product Center, East Lansing, MI

  • Tsheltrum Dorji

Michigan State University Quantitative Fisheries Center, East Lansing, MI

  • Lite' Seruvakula

Michigan State University School of Human Resources and Labor Relations, East Lansing, MI

  • Gandolgor Purevjav

Michigan State University Travel, Tourism and Recreation, East Lansing, MI

  • Kladoumbaye Modjingar

Michigan State University Federal Credit Union, East Lansing, MI

  • Bezhan Kholiknazarov
  • Mohamed Sankare

NASA - Ames Laboratory, Mountain View, CA

  • Sophia-Joy Soli

National Democratic Institute, Washington, DC

  • Walid Ben Amara
  • Sohna Fatou Ceesay

Nissequogue Cogen Partners Energy Center, New York, NY

  • Jennet Atabeyeva

Natural Resource Governance Institute, New York, NY

  • Zohrab Ismayil
  • Armando Mendoza

Northern Manhattan Community Voices, New York, NY

  • Yuderka Chong Franco

Opportunity Resource Fund, East Lansing, MI

  • Faisal Khan

PACT, Washington, DC

  • Gulcheen Aqil

Pan-American Health Organization, Washington, DC

  • Kajal Ashna Mahepal

Paramount Coffee, Lansing, MI

  • Gissela Morales

Population Reference Bureau, Washington, DC

  • Sahr Joseph Kaifineh

Prima Civitas, East Lansing, MI

  • Manuel Mutimucuio

Red Cedar Ventures, East Lansing, MI

  • Octavius Phukubye


  • Petrus Nuuyoma

Sheltering Arms, Atlanta, GA

  • Mario Milakovic

Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, MI

  • Batsho Dambe-Groth

Spartan Innovations, East Lansing, MI

  • Naglaa Mohamed Hasaab

State of Michigan Budget Office, Lansing, MI

  • Wasim Ahmed

State of Michigan Department of Treasury, Lansing, MI

  • Dana Hamzah
  • Salamat Ali
  • Maha Abu-Rumman

State of Michigan Department of Corrections, Lansing, MI

  • Munanura Robert

State of Michigan Department of Energy, Lansing, MI

  • Mangalika Adikari

State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Lansing, MI

  • Muhammad Ahmad

Tax Justice Network, USA, Washington, DC

  • Johanna De los Castillo Coronado

Tempus, Washington, DC

  • Sónia João Buvana

Thai Community Development Center, Hollywood, CA

  • Rachelle Elien
  • Dera Zafindravaka

TTI Global, Rochester Hills, MI

  • Raju Arumugham

The Unforgotten

  • Fadia Al-Bahr

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, New York, NY

  • Dejan Mak

United Nations Development Programme, New York, NY

  • Alma Nurshaikhova
  • Alfonso Abdo Felix

University of Michigan Credit Union, Ann Arbor, MI

  • Bezhan Kholiknazarov

United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Washington, DC

  • Nancy Diphupu

United States Customs and Border Control, Washington, DC

  • Gabyoung Shim

United States Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, DC

  • Volodymyr Bortnytskyi
  • Mohammed Ahmed

United States Phillipines Society, Washington, DC

  • Aleem Siddiqui Matabalao Guiapal

Virginia Department of Planning and Budget, Richmond, VA

  • Thierno Bah

Waverly High School, Lansing, MI

  • Yasmira Calderon

Wells Fargo and Women Venture, St. Paul, MN

  • Sanavbar Sharipova

Women for Women International, Washington, DC

  • Asrar Jaber

World Bank, Washington, DC

  • Alka Bhargava
  • Bu Li
  • Coulibaly Ba Aliou
  • David Ramos
  • Djelika Pare
  • Donald Rossette
  • Elvin Afandi
  • Farid Hasnaoui
  • Hanan Hasan
  • Joan Palacios
  • Kouakou Bruno Tano
  • Krishna Gyawali
  • Kunduz Masylkanova
  • Moaness Tahoun
  • Moussa Fofana
  • Prudence Serju
  • Rose Ngalula
  • Saliha Elcin Ozen
  • Ventura Mufume
  • Yam Sharma
  • Yasmeen Parveen
  • Zaw Naing
  • Reem Bassem Fouad Mikhail
  • Maxim Ross
  • Hailemichael Hailu Gebregiorgiss
  • Kunduz Keneeva

World Bank - International Finance Corporation, Washington, DC

  • Ahmed Alkabab
  • Sebhat Belayneh

World Wildlife Fund, Washington, DC

  • HongMei Zhao
  • Vesna Gavrilovic