PC Prep Documents


This page contains documents and other resources for participants in the Peace Corps Prep program. The Program Coordinator will share the link as necessary with students at the appropriate stage of their application process.

Planning and Applying

Peace Corps Prep Program Interest Survey (link)

  • Complete this survey to indicate your interest in the program; the Program Coordinator will provide information about the next steps in the application process.

2021-22 Peace Corps Prep Student Guide (pdf)

  • This detailed guide provides information about every stage of the Peace Corps Prep program, from planning to obtaining the certificate and applying to the Peace Corps. While major changes to the program are not expected, requirements for obtaining the certificate are based on the guide in effect the year you entered the program. 

Peace Corps Prep Planning Sheet (pdf)

  • Use this document to plan out your Peace Corps Prep classes and other experiences. This sheet mirrors the online application form you will fill out when you are ready to apply.

Peace Corps Prep Online Application (link)

  • When you are ready to apply for the program, use the information you gathered on the Planning Sheet to complete the online application.

During the Program

Course Petition Form (link)

  • Use this online form to request that a course be considered for requirements in either your work sector or the intercultural competence requirement.

Work Sector Hours Verification Form (pdf)

  • Use this document to verify your minimum of 50 hours' experience related to your work sector (Training and Experience competency).

Résumé Review Verification Form (pdf)

  • Use this form to verify that you have had your résumé critiqued by an appropriately qualified person (Professional and Leadership Development competency).

Interview Preparation Verification Form (pdf)

  • Use this form to verify that you have attended an interview preparation workshop and participated in a mock interview (Professional and Leadership Development competency).

Leadership Experience Form (link)

  • Use this online form to describe and reflect on a leadership experience (Professional and Leadership Development competency).

Completing the Program

Exit Checklist (pdf)

  • This is the official checklist provided by the Peace Corps to certify that you have completed the program. You and the Program Coordinator will sign this form and if you apply to the Peace Corps, you will scan and attach the Exit Checklist to your application.