As one of the top research universities in the world, MSU has sharpened its focus on several critical international research themes, including agriculture and food systems, sustainable environment, health and nutrition, and education.

themes infograph: food and agriculture, water energy and environment, education and learning, health and nutrition

Agriculture and Food

MSU researchers work directly with farmers, policy makers, government entities, and researchers in partner institutions to increase agricultural productivity, improve diets, and build greater resilience to challenges like climate change. Backed by more than a quarter-billion dollars in international funding over the past decade, MSU researchers are working with key stakeholders around the globe to improve livelihoods through innovative research and sustainable solutions that address some of the world’s most pressing challenges in agriculture and food security.

Education and Capacity Building

Relevant, responsive, and robust education systems play a critical role in sustainable economic and social development around the world. Michigan State University has a long history of working around the globe to build capacity in research, teaching, outreach, and administration in partner countries. 

Environment, Energy, and Water

With projects and programs focusing on areas such as climate change, clean water, and green energy, MSU faculty and students are working toward a more sustainable future for communities across the world. 

Health and Nutrition

MSU has experts working on solutions to the world's biggest health challenges, including community medicine, infection and tropical diseases, HIV/AIDS, respiratory diseases, malaria, women's reproductive health, environmental health and water quality, food supply scarcity, nutrition, and zoonotic diseases.