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VIPP Signature Lecture: Shawn Loewen

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Published: Friday, 29 Mar 2019 Author: VIPP

Dr. Shawn Loewen 

How can researchers and second language teachers best work together to achieve the best possible classroom instruction?

This question was the primary focus of last week’s VIPP’s signature lecture. Professor Shawn Loewen, Director of the Second Language Studies Program at MSU, led the audience through a series of considerations related to collaboration between teachers and researchers. 

"Teachers may feel that researchers are out of touch with the realities of classroom instruction. At the same time, researchers experience a perceived lack of interest by teachers when it comes to valuable research findings." - Shawn Loewen
Dr. Loewen's lecture featured the importance of research and pedagogy link

Dr. Loewen calls for a good-faith dialogue between the two parties and provided a range of wonderful evidence-based practices for second language instruction. Stronger collaboration and inclusion of teachers’ perspectives will be enormously beneficial, Loewen argued.

VIPP organizes signature lectures for participants to develop knowledge and skills on a variety of topics. This signature lecture explored some of the evidence-based practices that research suggests may be beneficial for the classroom while considering teachers' perspectives on these findings. Thank you Professor Loewen for sharing your knowledge!

Watch the lecture highlights on our YouTube.