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New data portal offers searchable MSU international data

Explore MSU's global impact with these interactive maps

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Published: Thursday, 17 Oct 2019 Author:

World map with dark green circles of different sizes to represent number of international projects.
Example map of MSU sponsored international projects from 2008 to 2017.

ISP’s new data portal showcases MSU’s international activities including education abroad programs, international partners, grant-funded projects, international student enrollment, and co-published scholarly works around the world.

The data in the portal is pulled from various sources including the Contract and Grant Administration, the Office of Planning and Budgets, the MSU Education Abroad database, the Web of Science Incites database, and the International Studies and Programs memorandum of understanding database.

The portal offers maps and visualizations to easily display information from across all of MSU’s 17 colleges. Each dashboard has an interactive map, trendlines for the top 10 countries, a data table, and a feature for users to easily sort data by country, year, and more.

To explore the data portal, visit the Office of International Research Collaboration website.

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