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New Education Abroad Scholarship for First-Gen Students

Scholarship will support first-generation college students who study abroad for a semester or more.

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Published: Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020 Author: Cheryl Ann Benner

The Office for Education Abroad is pleased to announce a new scholarship opportunity for first-generation college students!

The First-Gen Education Abroad Scholarship is available to students who plan to study abroad for a semester or more and are the first in their family to attend a four-year college or receive a college degree.

Spending an entire semester abroad provides a great opportunity for cultural immersion, ample time to explore the host country, and is often times more cost-effective than a short-term program.  Depending on the destination, it can also be a great way to learn or improve language skills.

The minimum award amount for this scholarship will be $3,000!

NOTE: Students participating in short-term programs (winter break, spring break or summer) are NOT eligible. Program duration must be 13 weeks or longer.

Applications are now being accepted until March 1st for fall semester and academic year programs.  Applications for students wishing to participate in a spring semester program will open August 1st.  

Students apply through MSU Scholarships.

More information can be found on the First-Gen Education Abroad Scholarship webpage.