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The world becomes new again for Noah

The air was cleaner than New York, the people, friendlier, the streets and walkways far less crowded, and the overall vibe… more genuine.

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Published: Monday, 02 Mar 2020 Author: Noah Diaz

The adventure experienced over the course of the study abroad was beyond enriching and goes far beyond a comprehensive description with words. There was more I experienced within the month than I had throughout a collection of an entire year, and the result is a lasting impact on me that I can truthfully say has changed my life for the better. Clear to me still is the memory of an exceptionally delayed flight to Paris, a major learning curve for the European transit system, a couple hours long rail trip to Strasbourg, and an inequivalent breath of fresh air as I stepped off the train and realized the city, the country, the continent in which I stood was no longer my own. The air was cleaner than Group of students in front of the Atomium in Brussels, BelgiumNew York, the people, friendlier, the streets and walkways far less crowded, and the overall vibe… more genuine. Unbeknownst to me, these very first moments were literally the beginning to an unprecedented level of fun and enlightenment I could’ve never expected from a study abroad. The world was suddenly new again and I wanted to experience all it had to offer, and with the help of the countless excursions and classes conducted throughout the program, directed by a nurturing instructor, my desire was fulfilled and then some. Being that heavily saturated in a brand new culture throughout various countries on a continent as intricately interwoven as Europe, leaves you with an incomparable level of appreciation, reverence and wisdom that, on a personal level, left me pursuing improvement within myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I know I’m not the same person who left on the program, I’m better, and I’m better because of it, along with the unforgettable experiences, people, places and memories that had impacted me along the way. 

Name: Noah Diaz
Status: Junior
Major: Zoology
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Program: The European Union, Globalization and Social Change in France and Belgium