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Internationalization crucial to university diversity, equity and inclusion efforts

ISP leaders make the case for global DEI in Academic Impressions

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Published: Wednesday, 12 May 2021 Author: Veronica Gracia-Wing

As universities focus on improving their efforts in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), they must incorporate a global lens if they are to be successful. That’s the argument made in Integrating Internationalization Strategies and DEI Initiatives at U.S. Universities: What’s to be Gained?  The article was published in April by Academic Impressions—a national professional development organization focused on providing leadership, personal development, and skills-based training opportunities to faculty and staff in higher education. Photo: Two people look at a tablet together. Text: Integrating Internationalization Strategies and DEI Initiatives at US Universities: What’s to be Gained? April 7, 2021

The article was written by two leaders at MSU’s International Studies and Programs (ISP)—Ashley Green, assistant dean for administration and director of DEI and Anne Ferguson, professor emeritus and senior advisor to the associate provost and dean of ISP—who make a case for more and stronger collaboration between DEI and internationalization by considering what can be gained by bringing them closer together. 

Green and Ferguson suggest that until recently at many U.S. universities, DEI and internationalization programs were considered to be separate undertakings responding to different university goals. Today collaboration between the two is still the exception to the rule. Green and Ferguson, however, offer compelling reasons to explore the nexus between these two efforts and provide examples of such initiatives drawn from the experiences of Michigan State University that are applicable at universities throughout the country.

“In International Studies and Programs, different perspectives, cultures and voices are the norm,“ said Green. “We work to embody diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our work—from hiring, to interacting with students and visitors, to collaborating with each other and our partners around the world. It’s gratifying to see some of that work make an impact on campus and beyond. We are pleased that MSU is working to set the example of internationalizing and infusing global perspectives into DEI discussions.” 

The article is available to read here, courtesy of Academic Impressions.

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